287th MP Company
at Andrews Barracks

The 287th Military Police, stationed at Andrews, were general patrol units for the American sector.

These three photos are from Wayne Daniels
wdgonefishing2 at aol.com
   This picture in front of the Brandenburg Gate was taken in the Fall of 1960.  It was taken when the 287th MP'S got rid of the old 1957 Chevies and received the new, smaller Ford Taunus sedans.  All of the MP'S are in duty uniform with their new patrol units.
   In the front row is Company Commander Capt. Giacomazzi, Lt. Gil Jones, Lt. Harry Daniels, Lt. Dick Piscal and Lt. Vern Pike.
The picture of the patrol car was taken in June 1962.  It shows the new patrol units close up.  The driver is PFC Kenneth Simpson and his partner SP4 Wayne Daniels, who sent this to FSBVG.  They are on the way to a traffic accident.
Wayne took the picture of the three soldier's in the morning of August 13, 1961, at Charley Check Point, looking into East Germany.