McNair Barracks
and Berlin Brigade Facilities
These were contributed by Jay Elden Daves, jeda at, who was SP4 with Berlin Brigade, 1969-1972:  working at HHC-3-6 at McNair, 592nd Signal Company at Andrews, and as a 72B20 Communications Center Specialist at Helmstedt Support Detachment (also a part of Berlin Brigade).  The black and white photography of these 1969 winter scenes captures the cold and foreboding, fearful and tense atmosphere of those cold war days, long over now for old Berlin.

The photos are too large to post, and too great to shrink, so click on the linked text to view them:

AFN Berlin Headquarters, radio and television broadcasting to city

Berlin Brigade Headquarters

Berlin Brigade Hospital

Berlin Brigade Shopping Center

McNair All American Service Club

McNair Barracks Main Gate

McNair Chapel

McNair Shopping Center (Had PX, Snack bar, and Movie Theater)

McNair Starlight Club