FSB Vets Mug Shots
Three photos of FSBVG Chairman, Dave Wallace,   FSB, Co. B, C Trick, 1974-80, where he served as a German linguist.  He passed away in his home town, Martinez, Georgia.
Below (middle) is Bruce Ford, past and present FSBVG chairman, webmeister and secretary, at the 2002 FSB reunion in D.C. with DLI 1968 German roommates Ray Lemke on left and Tom Vargo on right; and learning to ski at Berchtesgaden in 1968 at right.  FSB Co, B, C Trick, German linguist, 1968-69.  bruce at fsbvg.org
FSBVG author John Hauer, from San Diego, California, is reviewed on our FSB News page.   He was an FSB German linguist, 1966 -70.
Here he illustrates how he did his part to win the Cold War.
FSBVG at-large officer Dave Manning, of Ocala, Florida.
FSB German linguist, 1967- 69.
There were other kinds of units at Andrews besides intelligence types, you know.  For example this from David Foshie,
babykelly at xtn.net,
In front of 42nd Engr. Co.  with ASA Barracks in background -- 1966.
FSBVG At-Large officer Wes Pierce, with wife Willie, and puppy, in 1975, about six months after returning from Berlin.
1973-74 on the PM team, recorder repair.
FSBVG member Bill "Ski" Kursinsky, was the S-3 Plans and Training NCO as an SSG for FSB
1967-70.  He managed to keep more than a few FSBer's awake each
month at the Andrew's Theater while he put on his shows. Here's "SGT
Ski" in more recent years beside his 1966 Benz toy at home in Phoenix, AZ.
Below is a Farewell to FSBVG member Nat Alderman (1966-69 FSB LTC XO) party photo, summer 1969, from one of the "Hail and Farewell" parties of the "USASA FSB's Officer and Civilian Association." We met every few months at places like the Wansee Supper Club, Harnack House (Officer's Club), the Blockhaus Nicholosko near the Havel River, and the French and British Officer's Clubs, etc.  Here COL William Hamilton, FSB CO (now deceased), is presenting some goodbye gifts to Nat and his wife.  MAJ Robert Clay, the next XO, looks on.  Instead of a case of Schultheiß, we gave Nat a case of Listerine as a joke. Of course he received the usual Berlin Bear trophy and FSB plaque that most of us got when we left.

"Wild Bill" Hamilton wears the light suit.   You may remember COL John Smith, his predecessor.  MAJ Clay wears the specs. He was the S-3 Operations Officer before taking over as FSB XO.  Nat Alderman is remarried since his Berlin days, so the wife in that photo is no longer with him.
See your mug here?  These are some FSB friends of FSBVG member Bill Gunter, fotobillbg at cs.com,
280th ASA Company, 1959-61.
CPT Ted Davies was the FSB S-2 Section (security) head.  Among other concerns, it was his staff's job to care for those photo ID badges that we wore on a chain around our necks. Ted was a Vietnam vet before FSB and perhaps after, too. This photo was taken in summer '69 at the Wansee Supper Club.
1LT Bill O'Neill succeeded CPT George Williams as the CO of Co. A, FSB.  This is  Bill, wife Donna, and son Billy, circa Spring 1970.  Courtesy of FSBVG member Andy Fraser.
FSB Military Police

From: Brian Posey, Sniper72 at bellsouth.net
Date: Wed, 7 Mar 2001

This [photo below] was taken in the breakroom down from the Entrance Turnstiles at the Hill.

I am at the top of the stairs, just below and left of the Hawaian looking guy.  E-2 Wings on. Another E-2 below the black SGT at the top I sort of keep in touch with. We work for the Jacksonville Sheriffs Office in Fla. He is a Police Officer, and I am a Corrections Officer. We ran into each other at work after 7 years!

We were security for Teufelsberg.  2nd Platoon, H&S Co., Support BN., Field Station Berlin. The 287th was a Road Duty Police Company. HHC MPs were at McNair Brks, and were true Field MPs. We just handled Security at T-Berg and at Site 4 in the Grunewald Forrest.

The breakroom was for everyone. The Flag was for H&S Co. The pose was just a little thing we put together for the MP platoon and was only given to the MP Platoon...

I took ... photo[s] [in Berlin] while partaking of one of my favorite pastimes.  I would fill up a rucksack with some American beer, get on a U-Bahn to anywhere, and walk around.  Sometimes people would see what I was drinking and ask to try one.  I was just doing my duty to improve relationships.
Glenn Christian, glennc at lvcm.com, on a Field Training Excercise in Berlin in 1968.  He's in Las Vegas now.  He was at Andrews in Service Company of Special Troops of the Berlin Brigade.  On the right are his barracks at Andrews.
George Williams, WilliRN at msn.com, wrote, "That is me, as CO, A Co., presenting the 1969 Chief's basketball Tournament runner-up trophy to COL William Hamilton, CO FSB.  We lost to Herzo that year in a heart breaker, but I managed to get the game ball and kept it for many years after that.  Behind me and the colonel, L to R:  Unknown, Clarence "Bob" Austin, SP5 Peterson, unknown, SP5 Lauderbach, SP5 Eric Sorenson and SP4 Dick Killey.  Hank Hemphill's head is partially visible above my head.

[George sent many basketball game photos, one of which is posted on our sports photo page.]
The photo below shows one of our FSB Monthly Training Classes for the troops. S-3 Plans & Training thought it would be informative to demonstrate the use and effect of thermite grenades and file destroyer devices. In Berlin we never knew when we might need to use them.  The officer in khaki uniform writes:  "I was S-3 P&T as an additional duty while also being OIC Site 3. That lovely training effort was demanded by the ASA Frankfurt S-3, although I could never see how melting down an engine block (it only partly melted) would help us destroy Site 3 if we had to.  When I finally did have to destroy something, at the 175th RR in Bien Hoa, Vietnam in ‘69, it was papers only (no engine blocks), the destruction devices were totally different, and the instructions were missing – we figured it out.   So much for S-3 scheduled training preparing you for real life." Sanford (Sandy) Cook, LTC USA (Ret) [CPT in the picture], San Luis Obispo, CA -- scook at vuft.org
Does anybody know who is in the foreground wearing the ball cap?
This is Chuck Shanley, US ASA FSB 1966-67,
cr_dlshanley at compuserve.com, taken in 1967.   He has some of his photos on the Other Sites page, the Memorabilia page, and the Berlin Sights page, where he has some shots he took around Rudow where he worked.  This is the only picture taken of him while in Berlin.
Mike Porter and his MG TC - Chuck's buddy with his pride and joy.  Rebuilt in the Andrews Auto Shop, it's a 1946, fully restored.  Anyone around in 1968 saw this one run.
FSBVG member Ron Morgan, rhmorgan at usa.net, was a German linguist transcriber at FSB, B Trick in both A and B Companies June, 1972, through July, 1977.  Now he lives in Salem, Oregon.
FSBVG member Ralph Siebert, k1tv at hotmail.com, of Norcross, GA,  is on the right.  He was a German linguist at Teufelsberg 1966-70.  He stayed working at Tegel Airport till 1974.  Next to him is former state senator Chuck Clay, the grandson of Berlin Airlift orchestrator General Lucius D. Clay.  The photo was taken in Marieta, GA, in front of a two-ton piece of the Berlin wall.  Mr. Clay had it shipped over.  On Thursday, June 6, 2002, Ralph participated in the unveiling of this Berlin Wall exhibit in the suburb of Atlanta. General Clay was born there in 1897 and was known by the Berliners as "Pater Urbis," their city father.  A wide boulevard in Zehlendorf is named after him, and most of us in FSB traveled down it many times to the Berlin Brigade and the shopping center. 

Gen. Clay died in 1978 in Chatham, Massachusetts (Cape Cod).  He was buried with full military honors in the cadet cemetery at West Point Military Academy.  A plaque was placed on his grave by the citizens of Berlin bearing the poignant words: "Wir danken Dem Bewahrer unserer Freiheit" (We thank the defender of our Freedom).

Also at the celebration was the director of the Haus am Checkpoint Charlie, Dr. Rainer Hildebrandt, a true freedom fighter, who organized the group called "Action Group against Inhumanity." 

Georgia Governor Roy Barnes spoke, as did officials of the German Consulate.  A representative from the Berlin Parliment read a statement from former Mayor of Berlin Walter Momper.  The whole history of the wall and its fall was reiterated. One veteran who had served in Augsburg broke down and sobbed hearing about all the events that took place, and how freedom had been surpressed for so long, and how the USA and the other allies in Berlin had remained steadfast.  Berliners were very grateful for helping them endure those hardships. 

Ralph says, "It sure was a thrill for me.  I felt I was representing all you guys who served with me at FSB."
Barry Bates, left, also took the photo of Linda's Bar on our Bar page, and on the Vistas page, the photo of the propaganda sign and the Berlin Licterfelde S-Bahn Station West.
When I was in Berlin, serving at the FSB, I also sang with a rock band, “The Brass Door” with guys from both the Army and Air Force bands, as well as two Air Traffic Controllers from Tempelhof. We played at various EM and NCO clubs, actually played for the American High School Prom in 1969. Recently, I received these pictures from a friend who had taken them during one of our gigs. I am the tall guy in the pink (yes, pink) shirt singing. One of the guitarists is Joe Bennett, who had a “Rock-a-Billy” band  “Joe Bennett and the Sparkletones” as a teen ager in North Carolina before he was in the Air Force, that band had a number one single, a novelty song called “Black Slacks”, which earned him a place in the wall of “One Hit Wonders” in the Rock and Roll hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio.

I hope this site will continue, I haven’t been on it for a while, just saw some new entries in the Guest Book, I added one of my own.

Bill Pojunis
to 1970, "B" Co., "C" trick
Las Vegas, Nevada