FSB Memorabilia

U.S., East German, or West German, or Soviet militaria, and other souvenirs.

Stuff we brought back to help remember.
East German and Soviet medals, and East German stamps
East German money, some front AND back. 
Two East German collector coins.
Book of matches from the train. 
An FSB Welcome medal, front.
Evil Empire badges of rank

From: Silvana Miller
Date: Sun, 19 Nov 2000
I got a box full of ranks, medals, etc., that I traded for cigarettes with East German and Soviet solders at the Berlin Wall and at the "corridor."
Flag Orders

One had to have a set of Flag Orders to drive from Berlin to West Germany. When I left Berlin as a brand new WO1 in route to a tour at Field Station Augsburg, I had to return to pick up my family. These are the Flag Orders that I convinced the MPs to stamp INVALID and let me keep as a souvenir. I used PhotoShop to remove the Social Security number. But, other than that they are legitimate.  [At right is the back side, and below is the front]

Gary Combs, gcombs at cablespeed.com
Berlin Plaque
From: Eric Cook, rekoj at cst.net
Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2001

When I left in 1978, where I was a 72E40 for four years, I was given this plaque as a reminder. It has a piece of the wire from the wall and a map of Berlin.
FSB Patch

According to Keith Ekstrom, keithce at mail.gatecom.com, this is an unofficial patch that was sold along with buckles and hats as souvenirs at the HQ circa 1983-1986.
Cold War Medals

You know about the official Cold War Certificate of Recognition.  There are no official US military commemorative medals for the Cold War.  However, there are some unofficial ones.  The medals are not official government/military issue, but they make a nice companion piece for the Certificate.  Wearing of these is officially unauthorized.  

Below is a sampling of some of these commercially available medals.  The Foxfall one on the far right is the best looking.

The one on the bottom is really British Commonwealth, but I've been told that any Allies can qualify for it. Whether it is official British issue or not, I don't know.

Websites to learn more about the medals are:
http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Acropolis/2347/MEDALS/Medal.html http://www.usmedals.com/service.php3?serviceReq=Army&type=commemorative&start=1&id_medals=All1939 and other areas in the usmedals.com website
Duty Train Ticket

Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2001
From: Chuck Shanley,
CR_DLShanley at compuserve.com

USASA FSB 1966-69

Duty Rail Ticket from 1967