1998 Summer Picnic
The very first FSB Vets Group reunion activity was a picnic on August 29, 1998, at Algonquin Regional Park, Loudon County, Virginia. The weather was typical for the Washington, D.C., area for August; hot, humid and oppressive.  The group photo above:  wish the first row was shorter, or kneeling!

From Bob Rainbolt, RTRANDJCR at aol.com, Fri Nov 19 06:17:17 1999, who says,
"I live in Stafford, Virginia, near Quantico.  I recognize John and Joella Prokopowicz in the Picnic photo. 
Front left is John, the woman to his right (his right) is his wife Joella.
[I see] Duane and Eileen Haneckow: Duane is on left third back on end the tall man, looks like his hand is on his wife's shoulder.  Hope this helps.  I was stationed with them in 1983-86 at FSB."

[Webmeister's reply:  Bob, that isn't Duane.  He is Bob Kennard.]

Correction on July 5, 2003:  Dennis Lewandwski, Berlin 60-62, says that HE is the one on the far left in the photo with the blue shirt looking like Santa!  

Others unidentified in this photo, (but a couple are below) are:  Barbara and Joe Bradley (and their children: Sean, Beau and Katie); Dick and Bea Lee; JB and Jane Polson (and their daughter Tracye Bachman, granddaughter, Lauren and grandson Bradley); Bob and Carol Kennard; Gary and Linda Davis; George DeBuchananne (on the photo's far right); Brad and Josephine (JoJo) Gee (with children); Carl Breeding; Roscoe "Ron" and Linda Annas; Corey Annas; Tara Watanathai; and Rick and Anne Pearce.  That still leaves a couple unknown.  Anybody know who is who?

Despite the heat and onslaught of yellow jackets, everyone had a great time. 
Thanks to Barbara Bradley for coordinating the event.
Ron and Linda Annas
Carl Breeding
Mr and Mrs Brad Gee
Denis Lewandowski